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Mum with Asthmatic Baby needs advice

Uncategorized July 30, 2016



Ladies, A mum who has an asthmatic baby wants to hear how you manage the situation.

Please take some time out to chat with her, it helps.

She writes: I need your help , I was recently told my son is asthmatic , doctors help yes but I need help form mothers with kids like mine . Thank you .


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5 Responses to “Mum with Asthmatic Baby needs advice”

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  3. Please do stay away from smoke and dust. Also staying away from airconditioner most time.

  4. Take ur baby to the hospital the will tell all you need to know about asthmatic patient

  5. Hi!!

    So, my daughter is not asthmatic, but, I was(I say was because i havent had an attack in years).

    Now, my mum once told me that when she was told I was asthmatic, she was devastated, she thought, but why??

    This came with a lot of research, what brings it on? What doesn’t? My allergies? Safest meds to give?

    I for years used (and still keep 2-3 Salbultalmol inhalers everywhere).

    I was told to be careful as strenuous activities can bring an attack. Stayed away from dust, stayed away from flowers and grass, smoke (generator, cigarettes etc).

    She told me she had to be extra vigilant. And whenever I had trouble breathing, I knew malaria was on the way, sometimes, its a sign of another illness coming. For me anyway.

    Swimming classes had to be put off, cos I’d shiver and then, attack.

    I suggest a lot of monitoring, have a stethoscope if u can, its not overbearing, trust me. Some things that are sold for babies have materials that shed, not advisable!!!

    And as your LO grows, teach him/her to manage the attacks

    For one, I am stubborn and told myself to overcome it before it does me. I play sports, I run, I walk a lot. I have learnt to train my breathing. And I think you should teach your LO that too.

    All the best,

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