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Hot Topics: Should Couples Share Bank Account?

Hot Topics July 22, 2016

Should couples share same bank account

Should couples share same bank account

Should Couples Share Bank Account?

Love is a beautiful thing said an artist years ago called KOKO master!!! Indeed it is more beautiful when there is absolute trust and mutual respect.

Couples are willing to share breakfast, lunch and dinner. Share same bed at night. Most women were taken away by the words: I want to share my whole life with you.

One area of debate is the financials. When it comes to money, people are more logical than emotional. Now when it comes to openness and sharing in relationships, would you say it is right for women to share same account as their spouse and vice versa?

Some people say NO because of bad experiences and some people say YES because it makes projects move faster! What do you say?

Let’s hear from you.


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One Response to “Hot Topics: Should Couples Share Bank Account?”

  1. It is possible but each will still have different account.

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