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My Husband and Noodles

Uncategorized July 20, 2016


I have been looking for a way to ask this question. Seeing this will be anonymous and no one will judge me, I thought to try it.

My husband was a noodles lover while we dated and even over the first 5years of marriage.

He does not fancy all of that Eba and pounded yam stuff. So life has been good for me because I don’t cook soups and what not too often. Little Ogbono and Ewedu satisfies him. He was posted at the bank to work in Enugu and I didn’t follow him because it was a 1year assignment and we didn’t want to start changing my Son’s school.

After the whole Enugu thing he was still eating what I give him but I noticed a bit of change in the way he behaves. Now he has verbally told me that I am a bad cook, uncooked woman that needs to go back to her mother to get well trained and that I am lazy. This came to me as a shock because I have never seen him complain about any of my cooking. Do you think he has a girlfriend? I will like to know.


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4 Responses to “My Husband and Noodles”

  1. ….If there’s no crayfish in d food,he wil ask y,he lovs it mor dan me now. A wise woman builds’ her home accordin to the bible. Don’t limit him to what he likes allow bt exploy him tooo wt what u know and can do wit prays. God wil help u.

  2. Dont allow negative tot 2 overwelm u. You are the maker of your home. You can creat new tins and he will be forced to love. U can learn and creat ur own food as long as it healthy,looks good and taste nice. I creat som foods i cook,i am not a chef but i biliv every woman needs to be creatv even in food. My husband do nt lik crayfish when we married newly but i convinced him via pettiny and by tellin him how nice it tastes in food and it nitritional value. He had no option bt to allow me put it in d food,today, if there’s no crayfish he will

  3. Obviously someone has been taking care of him over there with good food,so u have to wakeup girl !

  4. Thank God he even complained to u,is notin though,jst step u nd upgrade urself generally.nd stop thinking negatively about him cos it can never help you.nd talk to God in prayers to modify him d way u want hm to be.thinkless dear.

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