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Which is more Painful? Natural Birth or C-Section

Uncategorized July 17, 2016


Which is more Painful? Natural Birth or C-Section


Mothers in the house, I am currently 36weeks pregnant and everyday I feel unsettled. It’s like there is a big load on my chest . I always worry about labor. I have heard a lot about how painful it is.

Please I need opinion on which is more painful between natural birth and caesarean.

make sure you post my mail o.



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56 Responses to “Which is more Painful? Natural Birth or C-Section”

  1. Csection blc I did both.

  2. My dear don’t entertain any fear. God will deliver you safely. I av undergone the two but Natural birth is the best.

  3. My dear, labour is not something to be afraid of, it’s a sweet experience, u shall be like d Hebrew women on d day of ur delivery

  4. good

  5. Firstly do u believe inGod’if yes den hold onto him cal upon him his son has pay d prize 4 u on d cross 4 labour 2 be pain free if u pray more& think less listen 2 wht God has 2 tel u instead of bein scared u I’ll thank God at d end iam talking out of experiences”have a safe delivery.

  6. Both are painful

  7. Pleas erase such from your mind and keep praying to God for save delivery

  8. C sect is the painful

  9. C S

  10. Natural birth

  11. Be happy for the child that is coming forth nothing less.

  12. I have experienced both and would advise that you just pray nd take believe yours would be easy, because the are both painful.

  13. Sweet mum please at u need now is to always tink positive if u entertain fear now it’s gonna b hard fr u wt u should do now is expect it bby n I feel in unsettled is normal it’s d bby ur bby needs to b ready to travel n all u need to do is to b ready to receive it OK trust me it worked for me wen labor comes jst keep saying Jesus I place all my hope in u n u will b fine

  14. av been tru both.non is easy at all..the beauty of it all is coming out with a bundle of joy in ur arms…
    love to all mothers here.

  15. Both, but CS I more panful

  16. Nature is the best my dear with God all things are possible unless their is complications to save you life go for cs

  17. No just test and see

  18. I hv not try cs and I don’t want to try it.natural birth is much better feel d pains once n for all.d contraction will not labour u but favour you ijn Amen

  19. Natural or Cs, the most important thing is to come out safe which Almighty will surely make easy by His grace .

  20. Read a lot , pray and consider a pool birth to help you relax.

  21. I have gone tru both ways of delivery and none is easy! But now is not the time to be afraid, but be prayerful exercise as much as u can, and be ready for the d day! And may the Lord see you through!

  22. Fear not!!!! The two are v
    ery easy if you believe in God Almighty. You may not like the process, you will certainly love the product….is there any thing too hard for God?

  23. CS

  24. I hav been through the both and believe me the both are not easy but God made smooth. The most important thing is for the mum and baby to come out safe and alive. God bless all mothers.

  25. Natural birth is better cos once the child is out you’ll feel like someone pour a bowl of cold water on you, the pain disappears. But for CS the pain from the cut will be there for sometime, you will go to hospital for dressing and check ups, the stitches will be removed and all. But put it at the feet of God and you’ll be super fine. Congrats in advance darling

  26. Natural birth

  27. Please do not entertain fear at all because its a dangerous enemy. This can may your blood pressure rise, which is very deadly at this moment. Non of the 2 is easy but natural birth pain is different from one woman to another. You may be one of those lucky women with less contraction pain so relax an pray to God to deliver you safely

  28. wat u nid s 2 talk2 Almighty JAH in prayer he wil see u tru, weda cs or normal birth dnt b afraid cos fear can lead 2 oda problem, remove fear far away 4rm u n stick 2 God in prayer 4 a safe n sound delivery. Jehovah s a hearer of prayer n b confident dat no mata wat we ask him accordin 2 his will he hear us. wishin u a sucessful, save n sound delivery.

  29. Remove fear and leave the rest for God.

  30. Cs

  31. U we have a save delivery in jesus mighty name. Don’t listen to what people say, always remember to pray n believe God I’ll delivery u safely

  32. Any thing that is nature has to do with God’s power, so God that put it there knows how to get it out weather pain or no pain

  33. natural birth i prefer

  34. Stop worrying urself n leave ur labour in hands of the Almighty cos wit ur worries it will result to more problems

  35. Stop thing and be prayerful forget about fear God wil perfect his work in ur life,we shall hear d cry of d baby and d smile of d mother.

  36. I prefer natural.

  37. U don’t have to panic, with GOD all things are possible, don’t be scared just always pray that GOD deliver u safe n sound

  38. Just take the anxiety away…And stop listening to what people are saying,normal or Cs is all God’s work.wish you best of luck huh…

  39. Don’t listen to what people say just be prayerful I heard a lot when I was pregnant too I removed fear from myself and the Labour was not painful as the said. God will see you through ok

  40. Hold on to ur faith in Christ that He will make u like one of d Hebrew woman

  41. both i hve 2 kids my gal is 6 she is normal birth it was painful my boy was bOrn a wk ago it was a csection n both r painful god help us tru that pain

  42. Read supernatural birth. It will take ur fears away!

  43. My dear just hold on to God. He will make way for you. CS OR Normal is all God’s help and work. You will deliver safety in jesus name.

  44. All of d above is painful… It all depends n d one God designed u to use in delivery of a child.. At d end wat matters is d safe delivery of mother n child

  45. Nature

  46. Both

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